Since 2003, Personnel 2 Travel has partnered with the world's leading brands and publishers to bring your interests to life.

 Personnel 2 Travel is a magazine clearing house which sponsors a sales contest and a cash award contest every six months. The Sales Contest awards travel and cash prizes to the top 15 sales agents. The Cash Award contest is based on sales agents earning 10,000 points. Agents are paid $500 for every 10,000 points they accumulate.

Are you looking for a travel job with lots of FUN, ADVENTURE and MONEY??

You will have the opportunity to travel to NEW YORK, TEXAS, CALIFORNIA, MAINE, WASHINGTON DC and many other exciting states in the United States. You will visit cities such as Boston, Philly, Phoenix, LA, Seattle, Denver, Dallas, and San Francisco and many, many more!!!

New hires recieve a $400. - $500. bonus upon successful completion of training period. Paid training lets you EARN WHILE YOU LEARN!!!